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"Rarely are my year 8's speechless let alone gobsmacked. For achieving that Tug Dumbly is a genius! His performance was innovative, energetic and quirky. He captured their attention and held it even after his last breath. Tug Dumbly is a performer passionate about his art who truly proves that poetry belongs on the stage, not the page!"

The Scots College, NSW

"Tug's show is a really worthwhile experience for students. They got to experience entertaining poetry presented in a really dynamic way."

Sefton HS, NSW

"Excellent rapport with audience, inspired not just interest in poetry but also in satire."

Brigidine College, St. Ives NSW

Tug Dumbly

Poet, Satirist, Performer


"Tug Dumbly is a phenomenon. He is a masterful performer and an excellent communicator with vigour for the spoken word that electrifies the room."

The Scotsman (Edinburgh Fringe Festival)


Accused of being a comedian, accused of being a poet, he is both: a caustic comic writer whose jokes rhyme, a brilliantly entertaining satirist who barbecues all manner of sacred cows and undermines popular culture from the inside.

Best known from Triple-J's Breakfast Show, Tug Dumbly is probably Australia's most highly broadcast and recognized performance poet. Tug has gained an avid following of fans, through the many performances of his satirical poems, songs and comic monologues at festivals and theatres both nationally and abroad (including New York, Montreal, London and Edinburgh) and on radio and television.

He has released two acclaimed spoken-word CDs through the ABC and twice won the Banjo Paterson Prize for comic verse, once for his 8000 word epic ode to meat Barbeque Bill and the Roadkill Café.


Over an exhilarating hour Tug will peel back, strip bare and lay to waste any jaded preconceptions of what poetry can or should be. This one-man word-weapon unleashes a dazzling and delightful array of subject matter: from the surreal origins of beached thongs, onto the mating habits of Jumbo Jets; from politics and the excesses of consumerism, onto a hilarious look at clichés and the shape-shifting nature of language itself. Tug is a gifted mimic and satirist whose poems and character monologues offer a cutting edge commentary on popular and political culture - from Britney Spears to John Howard, from George Bush to Eminem. One thing is for sure Tug will entertain, delight and most of all INSPIRE students as to the creative, subversive, theatrical possibilities of modern spoken-word and its performance.

Years 7-12
60 minutes
$4.00 + 40c gst
$572.00 ($520 + $52 gst if less than 130 students)

$440.00 ($400 + $40 gst if less than 100 students)



'Idiom Savant' & 'Junk Culture Lullabies'.
- ABC audio. Cost $20


'Barbeque Bill and the Roadkill Café'
- Tug's epic ode to meat. Cost $7